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How Good Is Your Online Marketing?

We have created a tick sheet for you to assess your online marketing. We have looked at what we believe to be many of the most important aspects of social media management, SEO, email marketing and use of analytics. We have uploaded it to DropBox so it is just a

Social Media Management Tips & Advice

How to effectively manage your social media campaign

Do your Tweets, Facebook or LinkedIn updates create interest in you/your business or are they frustrating, blatantly pushing your product or service and clogging up your followers news feeds? The majority use social media when relaxing, chatting to friends or seeing what their friends are up to.  Most agree that

Online Marketing

Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Business

There are many reasons why you should be running a blog on your website, we’ve listed some of them below: New content that is rich in key words (that people will actually want to read) can have your website performing well on search engines, we feel it is one of


Our 7 Golden SEO Rules

Welcome to our FREE 7 Golden SEO Rules / Tips 1. Geographic tailoring – Let’s take a look at an online furniture retailer as an example.  It is extremely difficult to get high ranking on Google from searches such as ‘coffee table’ or ‘furniture shop online’ etc.  However, targeting a