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Outdoor Advertising

OOH Advertising And How It Can Help Your Business

What is OOH and how could it help your business? OOH stands for Out Of Home and refers to out of home advertising. Out Of Home advertising is becoming increasingly prominent, particularly in big city centres. It is still an extremely new form of advertising but without doubt it is

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‘ Grow Your Business Online ‘ Training Courses Coming Soon

For some time we’ve been planning a new type of training course that will help businesses gain a better understanding of digital marketing and how to drive quality traffic to their website. Half day and one day training courses are great, that is if you already have a reasonable grounding

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Using Your Facebook Page To Get More Business

Social Media is great for business, right? Facebook, literally millions of potential customers are at your fingertips  How do you get your business in front of them in a way that will entice them to become a client?  It’s a good question, the short answer is you can’t, people go

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25 Simple Way To Promote Your Business

Create Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts (AND USE THEM!) Wear clothing with your companies logo or web address on it. Put an advert in local newspapers. Have business cards that look great and leave them everywhere you go. Give out press releases to local newspapers and radio stations. Send

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How Good Is Your Online Marketing?

We have created a tick sheet for you to assess your online marketing. We have looked at what we believe to be many of the most important aspects of social media management, SEO, email marketing and use of analytics. We have uploaded it to DropBox so it is just a

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How to effectively manage your social media campaign

Do your Tweets, Facebook or LinkedIn updates create interest in you/your business or are they frustrating, blatantly pushing your product or service and clogging up your followers news feeds? The majority use social media when relaxing, chatting to friends or seeing what their friends are up to.  Most agree that